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About Us

Ellem's Centravac has been the National Distributor for the reliable Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums since 1992. Ellem's is an all Australian owned and operated company.

"VOLTA" being a market leader has considerable penetration into the Australian Ducted Vacuum market.

The Volta brand has been on the market since 1957.

Volta Ducted Vacuum System

The Right Product for You

Our National Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuum Team is totally committed to the sales and development of the product to ensure that it remains at the top end of the market as far as performance, reliability and after sales service are concerned.

All Volta representatives will ensure that you will be getting the Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuum system that is best suited for your home and the appropriate installation that will be required, and we are proud of our success.

We will, where ever possible, visit your home (Established or New) to check the proposed pipe run to ensure that it is achievable based on the construction and access. From this we will ensure that you are offered the appropriate sized machine for a most efficient system.

John Ellem (Proprietor and Manager) and his team will always take the time required to discuss and explain your requirements. They can work with you and/or arrange for the nearest Volta Centravac agent to contact you to assist with a quote if required. All of our staff are qualified to provide more information, to discuss your needs and explained any aspects you may not understand and thus you are welcome to contact Head Office or your local agent.


Why Us 5 Years Warranty
Why Us Powerful and Very Quite Motor Units
Why Us Self Cleaning Filter by Goretex
Why Us Easy to use
Why Us Superior quality and reliability

I Really have to thank you Rob for a Fantastic Job you have done. Right on time and no Dramas at all. Volta Centravac is the... More

John Derrett

Thank you for your very efficient service. It was a model on how to win business and perform a mail order transaction...More

Barb Smith

Thank you for your email below. I guess you are right about it getting dirty again as soon as I vacuum again. By the way, I think it is the best vacuum... More


You were right! The Volta is a totally different machine. On the lowest of the 4 settings, it has twice the suction of the other “white elephant”... More

New Homes - Installation of Vacuums System

New Homes

During the construction of your new home, it is important to install the Volta Ducted Vacuum piping.

Existing Homes

Existing Homes

For most homes- New or existing, it is possible to install a Volta Centravac System, either single or multi level.

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpans should be installed under drawers. Click to View Complete range of accessories.