• 13 Pointers To Perfect Vacuum Cleaning

    A clean home is not only better looking but is also more hygienic. Every home-owner’s vacuum cleaner is their go-to option to acquire a cleaner home that promotes a dust-free environment which ensures cleaner air at home.

    When it comes to cleaning floors the vacuum cleaner is a real life-saver; however sometimes it is possible that this wonderful creation of man is not being used to its full potential which denies you much more than you are settling for.

    Below are 13 pointers enlisted just to make sure you are using you vacuum cleaner to its full potential providing you with the best results and lesser labouring. 

    Make cleaning easier

    The most important thing to remember is not to make things more tedious than they seem. Try to avoid getting your home dirty in the first place instead of going in for extra cleaning. This can be achieved by simple precautions like taking off your shoes outside your home to ensure you are not introducing your home to the filth from the outside world.

    A door mat at entry and exit parts of your home can help promote the same so your guests can rub the extra dirt off their shoes before entering your home giving you more time to concentrate on enjoying time with your guests rather than just thinking of your vacuuming regime.

    The first tip is, do not make it more difficult than it should be. If, for instance, you enter your home wearing shoes, chances are you will bring along leaves, dirt, and other elements from outside. This will make your vacuuming task all the more difficult. So, it will be best to make sure everyone removes their shoes before entering the house.

    This will keep the dirt in one place, rather than being tracked everywhere in your home. You may even place a doormat at entry points so that people can wipe their shoes before entering.

    The more the better

    We all know how disgusting balls of hair or fur look especially when flying around in front of a guest. To make sure you don’t have hair and dust rolling from one corner to another with every bit of wind, it is essential to vacuum some areas at least a second or third time. This helps you make sure that you picked up every bit of hair and other fibres. Cleaning or vacuuming from different directions can also help promote better cleaning.

    Cleaning timetables can be helpful

    Creating a timetable can seem quite dull; on the contrary it can really help you make sure your house is clean on a regular basis. Sticking to a timetable to clean either on a particular day of the month or week helps you avoid forgetting and keeps you bent on your cleaning duties. Most of the time vacuuming once or twice a week is good enough as long as you thoroughly clean the most dirt accumulating in parts of your home.

    Replacing the vacuum bag

    It is easy to notice that once your vacuum bag starts filling up the suction power seems to be reduced and sometimes you need to go over the same particles of dirt to make sure they are all picked up. All these extra do-overs can be avoided by simply emptying or replacing the vacuum bag routinely.

    Get rid of spots

    It is impossible for vacuums to remove stains. Using a spot cleaner on the stain before vacuuming can provide quite delightful results and help you get rid of the distressing spots in your home. So the next time you see a stubborn spot while vacuuming you know the drill.

    Cleaning the Filter

    If your Vacuum cleaner does not have a self-cleaning filter, then you should make a regular effort to clean and if necessary replace the filters.

    Little things have big importance

    A quite obvious but fact worth mentioning would be to pick up the objects or litter on the floor before vacuuming. This results in avoiding little objects from clogging your vacuum or you having to be constantly interrupted in your cleaning to pick up objects while vacuuming. It also helps make your vacuuming duties less monotonous and laborious.

    Shifting the furniture can be good for more than just a new look

    Some areas can be difficult to clean if your furniture is always in the same layout or setting of your home. A change in the layout of your furniture once in a while ensures that every part of your home is well cleaned and not accumulating dirt in the long run.

    Use appropriate attachments

    Most vacuum cleaners possess different attachments for cleaning different parts of your home perfectly. A good check on using the correct attachments based on the texture and height of the surface you wish to clean would be a smart choice.

    Your home needs deep cleaning too

    Just like your body your home too requires deep cleaning every once in a while even though you might take the best daily care of it. To acquire excellent results of deep cleaning one can make use of shampooing or steaming methods or even a combination of both

    Don’t neglect the difficult spots

    Certain parts of your home like the stairs or parts of your closet may seem aggravating to clean as they are hard to reach; however one must remember not to neglect cleaning these parts properly as they seem to accumulate the most dust and are often neglected during cleaning.

    To Dust is a must

    Dusting before vacuuming is always a better option saving you the time and efforts of having to vacuum again after the dust gets on to you floor from the higher objects or panels in your home. Remember to dust first in order to achieve a better and less tiresome vacuuming process

    Be attentive to your rugs

    The edges of your rugs can often get caught in the vacuum cleaner while your machine cleans it resulting in causing your rugs to wear out and look tattered. Paying more attention to your rugs and how your machine cleans it can help prevent you from having to buy new rugs more often

    Following Manufacturer’s instructions are a must

    Efficient cleaning can be achieved easily with a better experience by first going through the instruction manual. The manufacturer’s instructions are the ABC’s of your vacuum cleaner and your cleaning activities using them.

    A careful read of the manual can help you understand the machine you are using better in order to use it to its full potential without it seeming tedious.

    Ducted Vacuum Systems enables you to clean your house in the most efficient way without having to use too much energy. Their ergonomic models ensure your hygiene checks are exactly how you’d have them be.

    Remember a good central Vacuum system such as a Volta Centravac will make your cleaning chores much easier for the person doing the vacuuming.


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