• How Central Vacuum Systems Make Cleaning Easier

    Vacuuming is one of the most tedious tasks in one’s house. A lot of people don’t like bringing the heavy machine from one room to another. And if you have a house with two floors, you also need to carry it up the stairs. It you want to make the task easier, and then get a central vacuum system.

    In case you are not familiar with a Ducted Vacuum System, it is a system that has a central unit stored in an out of way place such as in the Garage or a utility room. Depending on the house size and its design it will consist of from one to several inlets. Each inlet will normally service more than one room. The inlets are connected to the central unit via PVC Pipes (Vacuum Pipes not plumbing)

    The design and construction of the home will determine how the pipes are run/installed in accordance with the building regulations. Usually under the floor, if on stumps, through the ceiling space if on a slab, between the floors for a multi storey home (Posi or I-beams) or in the suspended ceiling space if one exists.

    For a solid brick and concrete building it is by far better to run the pipes initially in the Pad before the slab is poured. All you need is a light-weight hose that connects into the inlets with the rod and cleaning tool attached to the handle end. That way you can use the inlets when cleaning any part of the home. And you only need to empty the collection bin once every three to four months depending on the volume of dust/debris etc. or more frequently if Pets are involved.

    Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

    Besides making the task of cleaning your house easier, there are also many reasons why you should buy a Volta Ducted System. To find out more check out Ellem’s Centravac at Ducted Vacuum Systems.

    They are the national distributor of Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums in Australia.


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