• How to choose the Right Size Ducted Vacuum System for your Home

    Ducted vacuum systems are growing in popularity due to the associated benefits. More and more home owners are gaining interest in this system and are looking for more information to help them make better purchase decisions. One of the main decisions to be made when looking to have such a system installed at home /office etc. revolves choosing the appropriate sized system relevant to size and design of your home/Office etc. The Volta Centravac systems come in a variety of sizes depending on the vacuuming needs of the home; choosing the right size not only means that you get the best vacuuming power but also translates in value and satisfaction in your cleaning investment.

    How Many Inlets

    The Rule Should Be: Inlets – as many as necessary but as few as possible.

    The first thing you should do before choosing a given vacuum system is to determine the number of inlets required. Naturally different designed homes will have slightly different requirements. On average 100 sq. metres (10 squares approx.) of floor space will equal one inlet and thus the average home (200 to 300 sq. mtrs) will require two to three inlets. To calculate this requirement you will need to know the length of the hose that the chosen system will include.

    It is of paramount to ensure that the hose will be able to reach into every corner of the home. Far too often we have found systems previously installed by others, where a small area could not be cleaned owing to the hose being too short. This to the cleaning person would always be very frustrating. However NOTE all is not lost – two options are available – 1. Purchase a new longer hose, 2. In the case of a standard hose purchase a hose joiner and a short length of hose as required, now the hose should reach.

    Length of PVC Pipe

    The size of the system is largely determined by the total distance to be covered by the PVC pipe distributing suction to each inlet in the house. To determine the length of the pipe to be used it is recommended that you calculate the distance from the vacuum unit to the first inlet and from there to the second inlet and so on. The shortest length with the least number of bends/elbows should be chosen as it will result with the most efficient system for you.

    Suction Power

    The length of the PVC pipe does not affect the amount of suction generated at each outlet in an average home based on the appropriate sized power unit, this means that the chosen unit will provide enough suction at all times. However, to have the right amount of suction for a given house, buyers need to choose the appropriate size ducted vacuum unit. Volta Centravac machines come in a variety of model sizes each capable of producing good cleaning power for its appropriate maximum total amount of pipe. As a rule of thumb the more inlets required will result with a more powerful system being necessary.

    Visit Ducted Vacuums and find out more on how to identify the right system size for your home. Here you will also find a wide variety of ducted vacuum unit models for your consideration. We offer obligation free assistance in design of an appropriate system for your home, just talk to us.


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