• How To Select The Ideal Central Vacuum Inlet for Your Home

    As stated in several of our earlier articles- the ducted vacuum inlets are located in the appropriate locations around the home, usually one inlet will service up to three to four rooms (one for every room is not the case).

    The inlets come in a variety of designs, however the most common ones are the small round centrally located flap, the full face flap and the partial full face flap.

    These all come in a standard White and Bisque(ivory) colour and the round flap ones also come in a solid metal finish in White, Bisque,Chrome, Brass and Bronze colours also. These inlets are approximately the same size of a standard Power outlet and thus will look uniform through your home.

    Choosing The Appropriate Floor Head For Your Carpet Cleaning:

    With Volta Centravac we supply our standard German made combination floor head and this is a very efficient cleaning tool. 

    For those who want that little extra deep cleaning or have animals living indoors with hair on the rugs and carpets, or a carpet that needs to have the pipe groomed up, we offer  a turbo head (Swiss made) which work very efficiently with our bagless system and self cleaning filter. 

    For those who want more we can supply the air driven Turbo Car - very efficient but quite bulky or even a Power(motorised) rotating brush head.

    In this case a standard power outlet is required close to the inlets and owing the high voltage (240Volt) the extension cable is safest if attached to the external surface of the hose.

    Ducted Vacuums offer high quality genuine Volta Centravac vacuum parts, Get the best your money can buy today at Ducted Vacuums.


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