• Things To Know When Considering A Central Vacuum System

    Tired of dragging that portable Vacuum Cleaner around the house?

    A central vacuum system will make a good replacement for your portable vacuum cleaner.

    Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that central vacuums are User friendly, convenient, quieter and more powerful than traditional vacuums.

    Although during a new build is the ideal time for the installation of the pipe work, in a good majority of existing homes it is still possible to professionally efficiently run the pipes.

    When researching the ideal vacuum to purchase in Melbourne, here are some helpful tips you should consider.

    What is Central Vacuum?

    Central vacuum systems are ducted systems that are installed in a home or building. Also known as built-in systems, central vacuum cleaners feature a collection container , base power unit, and inlets which are installed in suitable locations around the home.

    When vacuuming, all the dirt, dust, debris etc. are conveyed from the cleaning tool (floor head etc.) through to the collection container.

    With the professional installation of the Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems this will work most efficiently and such things as blockages are virtually unheard of (With a Volta system, should one occur it will easy to clear.

    Generally, the power unit and collection canister are installed away from the living area giving you the 100% filtration, generally in the garage or basement.

    The inlets, located to ensure that you can reach into every corner of the house are connected with vacuum PVC piping and this run together with a low voltage wire which enables you to plug the cuff (Hose end) into any one of the inlets and the power unit outside will start and you may commence vacuuming.

    Installation of Central Vacuum System

    Installing a system, optimized for your space, may seem to be a daunting task However with the assistance of the professional and experienced installer of the Volta Centravac Central vacuum systems.

    You can rest assured that the system will be perfectly installed allowing you to easily and efficiently clean your whole home.

    If you are an ideal DIY person, then rest assured the Volta Agents will assist you with not only design and professional guidance but also supply you with quality components to ensure your completion of the installation task.

    Power and efficiency

    With a Volta Central Cleaning System (Ducted Vacuum) you can rest assured knowing that the system will have been designed to ensure your satisfaction together with the balanced/appropriate power system based on your home design and the need to clean the whole home.

    With the Power unit matched up with the pipe run you will be able to enjoy longevity of the motor and appropriate efficient cleaning power at all inlets.


    Simply by plugging the hose into an inlet You will enjoy the quick and almost effortless convenience of a modern Volta built-in cleaning system that will help you get the job done with desired results.

    With a Volta Centravac central vacuum system, you will find that it is so much easier and efficient whilst there is no need to spend time cleaning out bags and/or filters after every use.

    This has made the whole vacuum cleaning process far more efficient and user friendly as with the Volta Centravac system the filter is a self cleaning filter (Which does work) and the collection bin would only need emptying onece every two to four months depending on the volume of dust/debris etc.

    That comes into your home.

    Air and Home Environment

    A Volta Centravac Central Vacuum System removes 100% of all the dust and allergens etc. that are vacuumed up.

    Thus such a system results in a far healthier living area of ones home. These systems are ideal where asthma and/or hey fever suffers live.

    About the money

    When compared to the cost of purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner as compared to a central vacuum cleaners Initially the cost will be greater owing to the pipe work and the installation costs.

    However in the long term they work significantly more economical and bear in mind that the pipe work will last the life time of the home.

    Even if the motor fails between 10 to 20 years it is simple matter of replacing the motor and the system is again as good as new.

    If you are looking to have a healthier home environment and the convenience of a reliable, quiet and efficient central cleaning system choose a user friendly Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems.

    As an investment in powerful performance, a central vacuum cleaner will increase its resale value of your home and last the life of your house. For more information, please contact us “Ellem’s Centravac”on 03-9555-9411.


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