• To Bag or Not to Bag

    To Bag or Not to Bag

    Having a vacuum cleaner nowadays has become a necessity in every household. We all need robust equipment to cope with the tough dirt especially on the floors of our home and vacuum cleaners can definitely do the tricks.

    There are two types of this equipment; the portable type and the ducted vacuum cleaner in both cases they may take a bag or be bagless The portable are effective however you do have to pull the machine along with you as you proceed throughout the house- not only can they damage walls and furniture and one needfs to be very careful when vacuuming the stairs. There is always a residue of the vacuumed dust etc. returned back into the rooms, and these units can be noisy.

    Initially, an installed central vacuum cleaner will be more expensive than the portable but the durability of the ducted cleaning system is guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are also powerful, more convenient to use, very efficient and produce low noise. They give 100% filtration and remove obnoxious odor, dust and the presence of allergens, making your house a safe place for your loved ones.

    With the bag units the bag is disposable and will need replacing ideally when it is about 1Ž2 full, where as the bagless systems either have a filter that will need to be cleaned and replaced or a self-cleaning filter which should last the life time of the machine (Volta Centravac)The self-cleaning filter of the Volta Ducted Systems ensures that you will achieve “as new” performance every time you vacuum.

    For more information and advice before making a purchase you should contact Volta Ducted System in Melbourne at 03 9555 9411.


Barb Smith

Thank you for your email below. I guess you are right about it getting dirty again as soon as I vacuum again. By the way, I think it is the best vacuum... More