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Buyer’s Guide

Ducted Vacuums! A subject rarely discussed mainly owing to an almost complete lack of understanding.

With the extensive amount of information available, with the different explanations given by different parties including misinformation, the industry lacks clear guidelines. Thus it is no wonder that this industry still remains misunderstood.

Since the evolution of the industry (1905) to-date there is still a genuine lack of knowledge and understanding of the "Ducted Vacuum" Industry. Although there is only a basic knowledge required to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate power unit for your home the industry consisting of numerous manufactures, of whom many flood the market place with confusing and in some cases misleading information.

Buyer's Guide Here at Volta Centravac (Ducted Vacuums) we have put together a Buyers guide with the intention of helping you understand the requirements and thus make the appropriate decision regarding your purchase of a ducted vacuum system for your home.

Our guide will assist you to make an appropriate decision with information and accurate facts that are accurate and easy to understand. Regardless of whether you purchase a Volta Centravac (Ducted Vacuum) or another brand, you will be Able to make your decision and do comparisons with a genuine degree of ease.

Motors - Tangential or Peripheral Bypass, Flow Thur.

Filtration - Bagged, Bagless - Conical, Disposable/Washable, Self cleaning

Collection Method - Bag or cyclonic separation

Air flow - Feet per second, Feet per minute, litres per second and taken where?

Suction - inches or millimeters of water lift

Area Rating - Squares or Square metres - Total of living area

Pipe Run - Total or longest run

Understanding the above makes the decision easy and here at Volta Centravac (Ducted Vacuums) we are willing you guide you through this maze of information without obligation.


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Barb Smith

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New Homes - Installation of Vacuums System

New Homes

During the construction of your new home, it is important to install the Volta Ducted Vacuum piping.

Existing Homes

Existing Homes

For most homes- New or existing, it is possible to install a Volta Centravac System, either single or multi level.

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpans should be installed under drawers. Click to View Complete range of accessories.