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Central Vacuum Motors

The Motor is the sole and strength of the Ducted Vacuum System, it is what creates the cleaning power and thus to a point what you are paying for.

Quality, Source, number of fans, fan type are all factors relating to a motors capabilities. The manufactures specifications may not be a reliable guide in determining whether a motor has the capability and performance that you will require.

The two most common types of motors are the Flow thru and the Tangential Bypass.

Whilst the Air watt performance of a Flow Thru motor is usually higher than a Tangential Bypass motor, in general the Tangential Bypass motor is a slightly superior motor – usually more expensive but with a longer life expectancy. Thus more and more brands are turning towards the Floe Thru motors owing to the cost saving.

Both types of motors perform to their specifications and as the Flow Thru motor is less expensive and performs on a lower wattage consumption for the same cleaning power, more and more brands are turning to this motor throughout their range.

Here at Volta Centravac (Ducted Vacuums) we are still, of the opinion that for the larger homes (*home requiring more meterage of the vacuum pipe), that the Tangential Motors are still the best suited for the task.

Currently the industry is tending to using Air watts to convenience the Consumer as to the true measurement of how powerful a ducted/central vacuum is (cleaning power). It is important to understand that there are other factors to be considered.- Suction power, Air flow wattage (horse power) and more importantly how many meters of the PVC piping, in total, will the motor be working on.

Flow thru motors, being a cheaper option, are becoming increasingly more common and are ideal in the smaller installations.

Is the Tangential Motors the better choice?

  • As Thru-Flow motors use their vacuumed air for the cooling process (not having a dedicated cooling fan). These motors are using cooling air up to 33% hotter than a Tangential motor. It is usually smaller in volume and uses slightly less power (wattage) for the performance. It is a less expensive motor. For the smaller homes this would seem to be the better choice.
    Whereas A Tangential Bypass motor on the other hand has a dedicated, fresh air, cooling fan on top of the motor and uses cooling air at the ambient temperature of the room. The vacuumed air is pumped directly to the outwards chamber and not through the motor. Running at a lower temperature should lead to a longer life expectancy. Being a bulkier motor it usually required a slightly larger motor chamber. For midrange to larger homes this would be the better choice.
  • As a Thru-Flow uses the filtered vacuumed air, for its cooling requirements which passes throughout the internal working components of the motor. It is there for crucial that the system be kept running at peake performance. Blockages, over full bags, clogged filters are to be avoided at all costs.
    With A Tangential-Bypass motor on the other hand a separate fresh air cooling fan is engaged to cool the armature. Thus the vacuum air ‘Bypasses’ all internal motor components and is exhausted directly from the fan housing.
    In both types of motors it is critical to ensure that the Bags is correctly fitted, that the filters are correctly installed and kept clean.

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