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Who are we and what is our History?

"VOLTA CNETRAVAC" being a market leader SINCE 1957 has considerable penetration into the Australian Ducted Vacuum market. Volta is a separate division operating under the umbrella of Electrolux. Our Power Units are produced in North America, with Mexico, the USE and Canada being involved. These power units are manufactured to Australian electrical standards and carry the Australian Approvals. The design and operating features also involve input from Ellem's Centravac, AUSTRALIA.

Ellem's Centravac commenced operating in 1992 operating initially under the umbrella of Electrolux Australia. Shortly there after Ellem's Centravac was granted the National Distributor ship and there after operated directly with Electrolux Home Care Products, North America. . Ellem's is an all Australian owned and operated company.

Our National Head office/Warehouse is located at 12 Bricker Street, CHELTENHAM. Vic 3192 and our total distribution system operates from there.

Volta Centravac agents, located around Australia are all chosen based on our criteria : professionalism, honesty workman ship and the willingness to ensure that their customers are always supplied with the appropriate sized power unit for the home. They are all a very dedicated and loyal team.

Should a Service or Maintenance be Required, where do I send the Volta Unit?

A Volta Centravac system is designed to be maintenance free. The filter is Gore Tex and is self cleaning and should not be removed. Even the collection bin will usually need to be emptied, ideally, when about half full (once every two to four months).

The experienced and friendly trained staff will always be available to assist you should and servicing be required or they will send the unit direct to Ellem's. Call us at Ellem's Centravac on (03) 9555 9411 to arrange an obligation free quote.

Is it difficult to manage the hose?

Volta Centravac uses a light weight crush-proof hose which ensures its ease of use and its ability to resist damage when stepped on etc. Thus this is a very user friendly hose and it is very easy and light to use. You also have the option of adding a sock to the hose to minimise any chance of damage should the hose be pulled quickly around corners or furniture etc.

Where is all the Dust & Debris etc. deposited?

The Volta ducted vacuum system uses a bin system for collecting the dirt and debris. Simply unclip the bin and empty its contents into a rubbish bag or garden compost.

Are Ducted Vacuums for Houses only?

The system has been shown to be fantastic at removing pet hair from the home. For this reason the Centravac system is now popular with Veterinary practices and hairdressers.

Is the Cleaning power as good as a portable Vacuum?

A ducted system in terms of suction is considerably more powerful due to its motor size. The size of motor Ellem's Centravac specify is based on the amount of ducting needed to cover your property. Some hose models have adjustable power settings, or you can regulate the suction power via the nozzle on the cleaning hose.

Are Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems very Expensive?

The starting price for an average home for a central cleaning system could be as low as $1,250.00, depending on the total meterage of pipe the size of the motor unit. In the long term that are by far the cheapest and better value for money spent

One of our representatives after they visit your home for an obligation free quote will be able to provide you with an accurate cost for materials and installation.

How regularly will the Bin need to be emptied?

This will depend on how much dirt etc. one has coming into the home. However as a guide the bin, being best emptied when about 1/2 full (so as not to be too heavy) will usually need emptying about 3 or 4 times a year.

Are the Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems noisy?

All the Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuum power units include the accustic Serenity package and thus they operate around the 62 decibels, based on the international standards
(ASTM F 2544) this is therefore an honest rating and thus the Volta Machines are considered to be very quiet machines different from most of our competitors. As the motor is located some distance from the living area (usually) in the garage, what little noise there is will be totally contained in the garage. This fact makes them far quieter than portable vacuums. It is possible to talk on the phone whilst vacuuming.

How efficient is a Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuum System at cleaning and removing allergens?

Yes Central ducted vacuum systems are recommended by the Asthma Foundations because they allow for complete and easy dust removal.

With a Volta Centravac all the dust and debris (100%) is completely removed to the motor unit with no residual returning to the living area. Thus Asthma and Hay fever sufferers will find that the Asthma Foundation will agree that a Ducted Vacuum system is an ideal choice to improve the quality of the air In house and thus help reducing allergens and dust mites.

Are Volta Centravac Systems efficient and how do they work?

Possibly the most valuable asset of having and using a ducted vacuum is that you achieve 100% filtration in the living area, with all the dust, debris and allergens removed to the power unit, which is most commonly located in the garage. This location will also assist with the virtual no motor noise in the living area.

The process of vacuuming is very easy and light and the system is activated within the home by simply plugging the hose into one of the inlets. All the materials vacuumed will be deposited in the bin at the bottom of the power unit and this should be emptied when about half full so as to reduce the weight (about once every 3 to 5 months).

Are Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems for New houses only or can they be installed in existing houses?

Yes! A Volta Centravac System can be installed in just about any home - whether it be new, existing, split-level, multi-level or being renovated. You can install the system yourself using one of our D.I.Y. kits, or we can have it professionally installed for you.

Can a Volta Ducted Vacuum system be used to vacuum up every thing?

As ducted vacuum systems work on a sealed system there can be no evaporation, thus they are designed for dry not wet applications. The U3500, which uses a bag, can collect all objects that portable vacuums are capable of picking up. The larger Volta Models may be used to vacuum up larger and heavier objects as there is no bag that could be potentially damaged or ripped.

How long may one expect a Volta System to last before the motor needs replacing?

The basis part of the system throughout the house (Pipes and Fittings) should last the life time of the House. The actual motor should last from 15 to 25 years on average and then it is a simply matter of just replacing the electric motor. Power surges could also upset the control board which is a replaceable item.

How many inlets will be required?

Sufficient = A general rule is as many as necessary but as few as possible. The important factor is to ensure that the hose will be able to reach into every corner allowing for normal furnishings. The hose will have an average of a 9 metre cleaning circle so a good guide is one inlet for every 100 sq metres of floor space. Thus an average house would need about 3 inlets. Note also with the Volta machines we provide an inlet on the power unit. Particularly useful for cleaning in the garage (Cars etc.).

Will the suction still be good at the furthest Inlet?

Volta have a very good range of machines, thus distance from the power unit is not a factor and we would supply the most suited unit for your home based on the total meterage of pipe required and relevant to the homes design. Thus the suction would be maintained throughout the entire system. You will love it.

Are blockages a common occurrence?

If a system is installed professionally it is most unlikely that a blockage will occur. The hose is 32mm as compared with the PVC piping which is 51mm thus anything passing beyond the hose should in theory easily find it way to the bin. The PVC pipes are extremely smooth and the fittings designed to avoid any object becoming jammed.

At the back of the inlet/bracket there is a sharp elbow this is a potential blockage point and if one occurred there it is easy to clear using a pair of long nose pliers. All other elbows and bends are of a gradual sweeping type.

Please note that should a blockage occur it need not be a disaster simply follow the owners instruction manual or call our head office on 03-9555-9411 for advice on how to clear it yourself. AS a last resort our agents would be able to do this for you at a service charge.


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