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Planning and Installation

Planning for a new home installation should follow this pattern.

  1. Once you have your plans approved by your local Council, forward a set of the floor plans to your local Agent (Or Ellem's Centravac), for a preliminary quote.

    If brick veneer or timber home, where feasible, your agent would appreciate being able to confirm this quote on site once the frame work is up.

  2. After lock up and before plastering the installer will need to run the piping (Rough-in stage).
  3. Following this, once the home is completed you should arrange with the Agent to have the final fit off completed and you are then ready to vacuum the home.

A warning- do not call for the fit off prior to all works being completed.

In the case of a solid concrete and brick home it is important (if two storey or more) to arrange for the Pre-lay stage to be completed prior to the initial slab being poured. Following this the job would progress as the brick work progresses.


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New Homes - Installation of Vacuums System

New Homes

During the construction of your new home, it is important to install the Volta Ducted Vacuum piping.

Existing Homes

Existing Homes

For most homes- New or existing, it is possible to install a Volta Centravac System, either single or multi level.

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpan Hose Kit

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