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Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuum Agents all offer professional & experienced onsite service and repairs for The Volta ducted vacuum systems and arte experienced with servicing all brands. Professional and polite service agents are experienced in sorting out poor suction, no suction, faulty inlets, damaged Vacpans, replacing motors, and/or upgrading your existing system with a new very efficient power unit servicing for all areas of Australia can be arranged via.

Our National Head Office in Melbourne

12 Bricker Street, Cheltenham. Vic. 3192
Ph: 03-9555-9411

Your satisfaction is our goal and at no stage will we supply, fit or leave you with the incorrect or incomplete job done.


Hint. 1. Blockages.

Although these are extremely rare with a Volta Ducted Vacuum System should it happen:-

  1. First check that the Telescopic rod and the Hose are clear.
  2. Should you have access to a portable system you can usually clear the blockage yourself by back sucking the pipe work:-
    • Remove the bin from the Power unit and turn the power point off.
    • Plug the portables hose into one of the inlets (best the one with the problem) and run the portable. If need be stop and start the portable several times so as to shake the blockage. This will usually suck the blockage items back to the inlet where you can remove them using a pair of long nose pliers.
    • Should this not have been successful try this again at another inlet.
    • Again if this has failed - then plug the dusted vacuum hose into the first inlet and go to the machine.
    • At the machine - replace the bin first then turn the power point on. The Power unit will immediately start and with the blockage having been shaken up, suck it through to the bin.
  3. Failing this you will need to call our agent who will clear the blockage for you.

Why Us 5 Years Warranty
Why Us Powerful and Very Quite Motor Units
Why Us Self Cleaning Filter by Goretex
Why Us Easy to use
Why Us Superior quality and reliability

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New Homes - Installation of Vacuums System

New Homes

During the construction of your new home, it is important to install the Volta Ducted Vacuum piping.

Existing Homes

Existing Homes

For most homes- New or existing, it is possible to install a Volta Centravac System, either single or multi level.

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpans should be installed under drawers. Click to View Complete range of accessories.