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Choosing the Right Ducted Vacuum System

Undoubtedly Volta ducted vacuums are the best brand in the market today with its superior quality, reliability and professional backing.

What machine should I choose?

Volta Centravac supply, into the market, a very professional range of power units, ensuring that there is an appropriately sized motor unit that will produce satisfying suction through your home. This decision is largely based on the design of your home and the total meterage of the PVC vacuum piping that is required

Our agents will advise you as to which model to choose based on the total meterage of the PVC vacuum pipe required for your home.


Deciding on the appropriate Accessories:

Turbo Head (Beating brush head)

This head, when used with the Volta Centravac systems, will groom the pipe of any carpet and very efficiently improve the overall cleaning and removal of those stubborn pieces if fluff and hair from the carpets and rugs. Most suited for carpets with a synthetic content, where the client has pets in the house and any carpet where the pile tends to flatten.

Upmarket Floor Head (Deluxe)

This head is ideal for long pipe carpets where the normal head may tend to bog down, and is especially suited for very tight pipe carpets where the air flow may be restricted and thus causes the heads to stick. It has all the normal features of the standard Volta Head with the addition of a large wheel at its the heal..

Horse Hair - Hard Floor Brush

This head has specifically been chosen to address the specific needs for cleaning any hard floor surface. It consists of two rows of soft Horse Hair with no metal sole plate. This combination ensures that the surface will not be subjected to scratching being caused by the head. It commonly comes in two sizes 300 and 340mm.

Hose Sock

The corrugated hose, if not handled with some care, may mark and even damage the corner plaster walls, furniture and in some cases even the floors. The hose sock is simply a sock that covers the surface/length of the hose, thus covering the corrugated catching effect of the plain hose surface.

Car kit for the Garage

This is a hose kit specifically designed for the purpose of automotive cleaning allowing for confined and smaller spaces. It includes the addition of a rubber crevice tool to minimise scratching. The obvious benefit of this kit is that there is no need to take the In House hose out onto the dusty garage floor.

Rug Rat

This is an air driven beating brush, ideal for stairs and confined areas that can be difficult to clean.

On/Off Switched Low Voltage Hose

This hose offers some convenience with the starting and stopping facility expended to the handle instead of only at the wall socket. The hose has the Low Voltage wiring built into its wall surface with the switch housed conveniently in the handle.

Cupboard Floor Inlet - Vacpan

Originally designed in Canada. This item was designed for the purpose of streamlining the regular chore of cleaning the kitchen floor (Now also the Ensuite, Bathroom & Laundry) A neat device that is fitted into the kick board of the cabinets and should be located under a set of drawers. It is a simple matter of sweeping the crumbs etc. to it and flicking the switch with your foot and the crumbs etc. are sucked back to the power unit.


Volta Ducted Vacuums - The Best for your Home

Volta has a range of machines to suit all situations and Ellem's professional sales representatives will ensure that you have the right size machine for your home. We will accurately calculate which machine in our range is right for your needs.

Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums offers the following:-

  • Peak performance for life.
  • Up to three to four times the suction power of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This is made possible by its specially designed motor, which is housed inside the fixed power unit.
  • 100% of all household dust and debris is removed; this provides a healthy living environment and is great for sufferers of asthma and hay fever.
  • There is no heavy vacuum unit to pull around. Simply plug the lightweight hose into the inlet and start cleaning. This makes vacuuming stairs simple.
  • A powerful yet quiet motor and even that noise is muffled due to it being located out of the way (usually the garage, laundry or basement).
  • Using the latest technology the new air-watt or tangential bypass motor is designed for long life and reliability in all Volta Centravac Ducted Vacuums.
  • Ducting that go under the floor or over the ceiling.
  • The Volta central cleaning system has a moving self cleaning filter by Gore. With this filter there is no need to physically clean it, meaning that maximum power is always available. This is a floating filter that ensures the system works like new every time.
  • Easy to insert cuff.
  • The Volta ducted vacuum system has a filtration of less than 1 micron - this is exceptionally clean.
  • Volta Centravac offers a range of machines, hose kits and accessories to suit all applications either big or delicate.
  • Volta Centravac can arrange professional installation of the Volta ducted vacuum system or it can be done with a Do It Yourself Kit.
  • The Volta Centravac power units are all covered by a 5 Year Warranty, except the U3500 which is covered by a 2 year warranty. Read more about Volta Warranty

Don't compromise with other brands, the Volta ducted vacuum system is a vacuum cleaner made for life. Call us on (03) 9555 9411 to arrange an obligation free quote so you can choose the right ducted vacuum for your requirements.


Why Us 5 Years Warranty
Why Us Powerful and Very Quite Motor Units
Why Us Self Cleaning Filter by Goretex
Why Us Easy to use
Why Us Superior quality and reliability

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New Homes - Installation of Vacuums System

New Homes

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Existing Homes

Existing Homes

For most homes- New or existing, it is possible to install a Volta Centravac System, either single or multi level.

Vacpan Hose Kit

Vacpan Hose Kit

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